Top 5 things will help you How to Sell a Junk Car

Cars need a caring attitude like babies. These are the vehicles those provide a style to you while in service. You should pay special respect to your car even if you desire to handover it to a salvage depot or junk yard. Obviously, you can think that How To Sell a Junk Car. Your car will give you a better reward, if you considered 5 undermentioned tips before handing over the same to a junk yard:-
  1. Ensure your personal things are not inside the car:- It is quite possible that while using the car, you forgot some important things in the car. These things may be in form of documents, cash, jewelry, tools and small packages etc. Now this is your duty to check before the car is sent to any yard. Once the car dumped at yard, you won’t be getting back anything, even if you are sure that the things are inside car.  Normally, junk yards straightway throw away your personal belongings, found inside the car. This is very first tip to learn How to Sell a Junk Car. You know better that your car is not a garbage bin and you should avoid dumping the unused things inside. A clean and neat junk car will be more rewarding rather than an ugly and littered one.
  2. Keep Title deed ready and handy:- This is your duty to manage all the documentation in favor of yard owner.  According to the federal regulations, title of the car should be transferred to the last buyer. Don’t underestimate the importance of transfer deed of a junk car.  Your photo ID will be necessary to identify you as owner of the car. In case of car purchased on installments, you need to produce the repayment proof as well as No Objection Certificate from the concerned dealer. Learn more about How to Sell a Junk Car and ensure the transfer paper of your car are ready.
  3. Remove catalytic converters or batteries:- Before handing over the junk car to the yard, you should remove the catalytic converters and batteries. These components can be sell separately and you can earn better income. Even used tyres should also be removed. Various garage owners and retreading companies will buy such tyres. Apart from above, if your junk car has better rims, remove the same. You can think, what will be there? Only body? Of course, sell various components differently to get optimum from worst item.
  4. Remove plates having license:- You have seen that junk car removal is a quick job. The truck drivers deputed for this job, report at your location at sharp time and you don’t have much time to re-inspect the car. So it is better to remove the license plate before the removal team is reached. According to the official orders, you are required to return the license plates to the concerned department. In many cases, insurance policies need a cancelled license proof from the official department. You need to ensure such removal before final handing over the junk car. Later you won’t be able to detach the same as the sold junk car would become the property of buyer.
  5. Consume the fuel inside the junk car:- You need to check, whether any fuel is remaining inside the junk car. Consuming the gasoline would help in avoiding any unforeseen incident at yard. Fuel is inflammable and can cause any serious hazard. Consuming the same would also save some money. You should also ensure that you are using only approved containers to carry the remaining gasoline. It is advised to avoid fuel pipes to suck the gasoline as it may have high contamination. Though, if you forgot to remove the remaining fuel inside the junk car, don’t worry, yard owners will drain complete quantity as it would hamper in recycling the junk car at later stage.
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